Operating Information

Would you like to stay informed about the latest updates and news on specific services available on the NEN portal? The Operational Information section contains all the latest news, such as upcoming updates, significant changes to the system, and more.

Operating Rules

Are you looking for essential documents related to the NEN portal, such as those required for registration or those that outline the rights and responsibilities of entities? You can find everything you need in the Operating Rules section.

User Manuals

Would you like to learn more specific details about the procedures and features available on the NEN system? The user manuals contain comprehensive instructions that can help you navigate the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know what questions are commonly asked about the NEN system? You can find the answers to those questions in the FAQ section.

Statistical Information

Would you like to access statistical information related to public procurement in the Czech Republic, such as contracts awarded in specific years? You can find this information by following the link to the ISVZ website.


NEN is a digital platform designed for managing and awarding public contracts and concessions at the national level. It offers a range of electronization options, from registering procurement procedures to carrying out fully electronic procedures. Additionally, it provides support for planning activities, making it a valuable tool for managing long-term investment projects.